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Recent Client Feedback

Negotiation and Influencing Skills

4.0 rating
7th October 2019

This was an excellent insight into Influencing and Negotiation and has provided me with some new skills and abilities in order to enable me to create a bespoke session for my firm.
Thanks Andrew for a great learning experience.

andrew pimblett

Leadership Skills

5.0 rating
7th October 2019

Great day – really insightful in how I can manage/lead my team based on their personalities.
Will be using the willing/able table in our office to define how to manage the team and address any issues.

Natalee Winfield-Hunt

Leadership skills course

5.0 rating
2nd October 2019

Very interesting and informative, would highly recommend to anyone looking to take a leadership within their company.

Joe Holmes

Time Management very helpful

5.0 rating
1st October 2019

I found this course to be very helpful for development in my new role

chris stones

Excellent day of training

4.0 rating
30th September 2019

This session was wonderfully delivered by Andrew, we covered a lot of really useful information that has already helped me to improve my ability to manage my own workload. I would recommend this session and Andrew as a trainer.

Josh Hutt

Relaxed & informative

5.0 rating
28th September 2019

Had an enjoyable day, instructor was informative, knowledgeable & kept us interested (we were only a small group of four).

Ben Warburton

Assertiveness Skills

4.0 rating
23rd September 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was moulded to suit myself and another colleague on the course. I learned a lot about assertiveness and how to use those skills within my work place. I received a very useful hand out booklet which covered all of the things discussed within the course.

Laura Elliott

Presentation skills

5.0 rating
13th September 2019

I attended a 1 day Presentation Skill in Glasgow this week hosted by Andrew Drummond. I found Andrew very knowledgeable, friendly and he definitely put his audience at ease. I would highly recommend this session to others. 1 point to note is my session only had 2 attendees which was perfect for me. It was very personal allowing loads of feedback to be provided without being intimidating especially since I was participating in things that are not natural to me.

Yvonne McCallum

Excellent training

5.0 rating
11th September 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and found Andrew our trainer really engaging and knowledgeable with lots of energy. I learnt so much which is relevant to my role and would highly recommend this training to anyone with Leadership responsibilities.

Katie Huntington

Leadership Skills with Andrew

5.0 rating
9th September 2019

I really enjoyed by course and Andrew was very knowledgeable on the subject. It was a small course with only 3 of us and i feel like all of our questions and concerns were answered.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone in a leadership role even if they have been in it for 20 years, there is always something new to learn

Ella Jackson
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